Saturday, 29 November 2008

Bellingham & Holy Island

Just in the middle of doing a few local gigs with Peter...Holy Island last night and Bellingham the night before. It's been great playing near to home...very near, in the case of Bellingham, where we got Dad up to sing for the encore (very unrehearsed, but seemed to go down well!) We were playing in the town hall which has just had a new heating system installed...and it's certainly working!! (Unlike St Mary's Church on Holy Island, where the heating had been on since 11am and it was still freezing!)
Thanks to John at the Riverdale Hotel for his hospitality after the concert - much appreciated.

And then it was on to play on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, which was a real privilege (despite the chill!) Although we had taken a PA system with us we decided to play acoustic, as it sounded so lovely in the church, and somehow it just felt right to play with just the natural sound in that beautiful setting. So we were a bit quieter than usual, but we had a lot of positive comments from the audience so I think it was the right decision. It actually felt really good just to stand there and play, just us, with no amplification; it's a long time since I've done a concert like that.
And we were playing just in front of the oldest wall of the oldest building on Lindisfarne...
It was quite special.
And tonight it's New Hartley Community Centre - now that should be a totally different experience!!
All for now,