Thursday, 21 February 2008

It worked!

And I promise not to just talk about dinners in future - I was sent copies of all my old journal entries from the old website and it was a bit embarassing how many of them were about food!
It was funny reading them all - when I get home next week I might see if I can re-post some of the better ones - it seems a shame that they've all disappeared.
Better go and pack my bag,

Is this working?

If you're reading this then I suppose it must be!
Sorry it's been such a long time since I wrote, but the website got redesigned and nobody told me what my new password was!
I'm off on tour today with Peter - playing in Salford tonight.
We're very well equipped - he got a sat-nav for Christmas, which should be handy. Peter's present to me was the Good Pub Guide, which I'll definitely be taking - it's good to be able to plan where you might stop for lunch (and a good pub dinner isn't that much more than a horrible service station one, and in much more relaxing surroundings)
Anyway - I'll stop now and see if this has worked.
Hope Peter & I might be playing somewhere near you,