Sunday, 5 October 2008

2 gigs

Just back from gigs in Alford and Ingleton.
A good time was had by all (well, all of us anyway, and hopefully the audiences too...)
At Alford we played in a rather unusual marquee type thing, all lined inside with billowing white fabric, which was draped so low that it was actually touching the top of my head when I was on stage...Peter and I had to be very careful with our violin bows in case we punctured it!
Lovely friendly audience, and then we wandered over the road to where we were staying (couldn't have been more handy) and discovered that the bar was open and there was a pool table. Fantastic!
Actually it wasn't that fantastic for me, as I didn't win a single game. Even Julian won at least one!
And then the boys (well, boys will be boys) decided to challenge each other to an arm wrestle, so I didn't do very well there either, even though they let me use both arms. Hmmm, sometimes I think it's time we had more girls in the band!
And then it was across to Ingleton. The weather was atrocious, but we beat the rainy day blues by travelling via Bradford and stopping there for lunch....curry of course. And it was superb. Although Peter ordered miles too much and we had enough left to take some home with us (which I just had for breakfast - yum!)
Enjoyed playing at Ingleton - again a lovely crowd, and also the sound on stage was really good, and made us enjoy the gig even more.
And then we drove home, feeling as if we'd been away much longer than 2 days and ready for a rest!