Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Everything including the kitchen sink!

In my last journal entry I was looking ahead with some trepidation to all the travelling we have to do over the next few days

I've changed my mind now...I'm looking forward to it! Partly because of the gigs - the band is playing really well together at the moment and I'm loving it. Also because we get to go to Italy, even if it is only for one day. And finally because the house is becoming increasingly un-homely...
For the past week we've had no kitchen, but at least the sink still worked so we could pick our way through the rubble and fill the kettle. But today the sink was taken away. So that means that the only water we have is the sink in the tiny downstairs shower room - a dark little place with no window. And now all the downstairs lights have gone off, with no prospect of them coming on again in the next few days...quite a good time to go away I think!

Better go and get my bag packed.

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