Wednesday, 16 April 2008

New stuff!

Hello! We've been away for a little jaunt down to Worcester & Oxford. We'd had a few extra rehearsals beforehand to try and work out some new material...and we succeeded...and we played it...and we were very happy!
It's great having new tunes to play - a little nerve-racking to start off with, but exciting.

On another note - thanks to those of you who have been in contact to say you enjoyed 'The Durham Concerto'. For those of you who don't know about it, it's a new piece, nearly one hour long, written by Jon Lord (ex keyboard player from Deep Purple, and a real gentleman) for cello, violin, Northumbrian pipes, Hammond organ and orchestra (Royal Liverpool Philharmonic.) It's been performed twice - in Durham cathedral (fantastic place to play) and Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, and seemed to go down very well both times.
Following a conductor has never been my strong point, but I think I played more or less in the right place at the right time!!

The Folk & Trad music degree course at Newcastle Uni has resumed after the Easter break, so I'm heading off there in a few minutes to do some work with the 3rd year Ensemble groups. Quite looking forward to seeing/hearing them again - I must have missed them!


Rob H said...

We saw you play in Oxford on Sunday - 'we' being my 4 year old daughter Carla and me. I had never seen you before, and it was Carla's first ever concert. We both thought you were great (even though we had to leave early to get back home). Especially liked the song about your dog Fluffy. Thanks! (Sorry that the photo appears with this comment - don't know how to turn it off)


Saw your concert at the Civic Theatre, Chelmsford last night.(We were the ones who arrived very wet and late).
Absolutely brilliant - thanks - we all felt so uplifted afterwards.
I've put a link to your website on my blog post.