Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The Guardian - oops!

Hmmm...it looks like this blog has been read and quoted in the Guardian newspaper.
My last post was about the SPNM concerts I've been doing (one still to go in Cheltenham in a couple of weeks)
Anyway - the other day someone said to me that telling Guardian journalists that people shouldn't come to my concerts was not the best possible career move...I was totally baffled, and remained so until I saw the article in question and worked out that the quote could only have been taken from this blog.
I really appreciate the fact that am lucky enough to have some very supportive audiences, who are willing to take a chance and come and hear some of my stranger projects without being too put off. BUT - I do think that in return it's only fair that I try to explain in advance what it is that I'm doing, so people can decide whether it sounds like their kind of thing or not, and decide whether or not they want to give it a go.
SO - I'd put a bit of an explanatory note on this blog about the SPNM project (which I've been really enjoying) and the Guardian decided to include only the line "Basically, if you like very traditional music then this may not be the concert for you." ("said Kathryn Tickell") And, yes, it's true...but if I had only one sentence with which to publicise that concert that wouldn't have been the one I would choose!
I don't suppose the SPNM (or Cheltenham Festival) were very impressed with me about that particular bit of publicity...!
Anyway - for future reference, for any journalists reading this...all the forthcoming concerts you can see on the gig list will all, without exception, be absolutely wonderful, and of course EVERYONE is going to love ALL the music and I thoroughly recommend that as many people as possible come to see us, all the time.
k x

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