Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Yup - we've been geting some new band photos done. Not new band, just new photos...thank heaven!
The photographer had found us a brilliant location (she said) - a ruined church over near Alnwick somewhere. But I was convinced it was going to rain today and thought that driving over to Alnwick to stand looking soggy in some ruins wasn't going to be very cool (and would take us all an extra hour to get there) So, I thought (without really thinking at all...) that there must be something kind of arty and ethnic and photographable right here at home....and we could always come inside if it rained.
Of course the weather turned out to be lovely. The photographer got completely lost trying to find our house. John (who is pointing the front of the house for us) had spent all morning using a commercial grinder to grind down the stones...covering everything (EVERYTHING) in fine dust...in fact the whole house was kind of hidden in a cloud of greyness.
I ended up ringing the farmer next door to see if we could go to his place instead. And we did. And it was so clarty that the photographer got completely stuck in the mud. We sat on hay bales (very folky, you may be thinking, but NO - we were being ironic, possibly!) and pranced around like idiots in our best clothes, while the terrier yapped, the hounds barked, the farmer laughed, and the photographers boots got muddier and muddier. A grand time was had by all.
And Peter (who has lost a lot of his puppy fat since our last band photos, and who was determined to look thin and cool) was posing SO much that the whole thing took twice as long as it should have done, because he had to be constantly told to stop assuming rock star poses and actorly posturing - for goodness sake - we're only a Northumbrian folk band in a hay shed.....!!!!


Simon Thoumire said...

Brilliant! I never thought Peter was cool either. You need to get him away from the Peatbog Faeries!

T9sus4 said...
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T9sus4 said...

Did you put a green screen in the pictures to photoshop in your frequently-changing guitarist, or are you actually going to hold on to the one you've got now for a while longer?