Thursday, 15 October 2009

Wigmore Hall

Just a quick one - I'm at home cooking the tea and just waiting for it to be ready...
Got back yesterday from a brief trip down to London to play 'Kettletoft Inn' with the Nash Ensemble at the Wigmore Hall. I last played it up in Orkney with Psappha and I seem to remember writing something then about how strange it seems to meet up with musicians you don't know and have never met before, do a couple of short rehearsals and then go on stage with them.
Well - it still seems strange, and although I'm getting more used to the idea (and have really enjoyed working with Psappha and the Nash Ensemble - fantastic players!) I would LOVE to get the chance to play the piece with the same group on several consecutive days/concerts.
It's a great piece to play, but would really sing out even more if everyone had the opportunity to get past the notes on the page and really let go a bit!
Only actually playing in one piece meant that that I got the chance to sit and listen to the rest of the concert - wonderful music in a beautiful setting.
Only problem was that I was a bit worn out from 2 days in London, one of which started extremely early with an appointment at the US Embassy to get a visa - what a stressful experience - I was terrified I was going to do something wrong/ not have the right paperwork/forget my passport/etc etc etc...but surprisingly enough it all went without incident (I speak for myself only...Peter and Julian didn't fare quite so well...but that's a different story....)
Dinner's ready - better go!

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John said...

Sure hope the U.S. Visa application means that you'll be performing on this side of the Atlantic again soon! We'd love to see you in the Washington D.C. area.