Saturday, 28 November 2009

Off to New York

...on Tuesday, to do some more stuff with Sting.
This is just a quick post as I'm trying to think of what I need to pack (I'm a very frugal packer, and usually take only the absolute minimum - I have to carry the bag, plus my pipes and fiddle, so I hate taking too much!)
Those of you who were at the recent band gigs may be interested to know that MY EAR IS STILL BLOCKED. AAAAAGHHHH! (sorry to shout, but it's driving me mad...and to be honest, shouting is the only means of communicating with me these days...!) It has actually improved a little bit, but I'm still pretty much deaf in one ear. Absolutely perfect for a longish flight then having to play music....(in tune, hopefully) Doctors say that I don't need to worry until it's been blocked for 3 months....HA!
Anyway - better go and change the fiddle strings, oil the pipes etc etc...
All for now,

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cpcnw said...

kt, at pacific rd, what was that track called / origin that was about a minor?



ps Gr8 gig btw - you where magic & lifted me out of a tough winter - wonder girl you are xx