Saturday, 13 September 2008


Just got home from playing at Holy Trinity Church, Ripon tonight.
What is going on with the roadworks/traffic management there??!
It took forever to find the church. No, that's not quite true - we found it easily - but could we find a road that took us there - not a chance!
Had a nice gig. Lovely to have Joss back after his baby (Leon) was (....eventually!!!) born. And very nice for me to see some old friends from Lincolnshire, who I knew when I was about 5 years old!

The boys were off to Bromyard festival straight after the gig, but I was driving home. And guess what....? It was just as impossible to find a way out of Ripon as it was to find a way in!
But - I managed it after a while of driving round and round....and round.
And now I'm home.

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Richard Baker said...

Just a note to say how much we enjoyed the gig on Friday night and so sorry to hear about your 'Escape from Ripon' experience. Having been a fan of yours for many years and also having grown up in Northumberland it was a terrific thrill to have you playing just a couple of minutes walk from our home.
It was my children's first gig and one that will certainly stay as a memory with us all, not only for a great night's music, but also following my daughter Penny's impetuous dancing(we were on the first row in case you were wondering). We got talking to Peter after and he commented how he'd enjoyed it....perhaps it led to his string breaking!
Please come back soon. We promise to get the roadworks removed or failing that just stay at ours!
Best wishes...Rich, Annie, Titus and Penny.